Here, human beings are the subject of the verb “to bless”, and God is the object. In this context phrases such as “blessed are you, o Lord”, or “we bless you, Lord” are used. Bless and blessing then are the response of people to God’s goodness to them. In this context “bless” indicates a response of gratitude which leads the believer into the adoration of and commitment to God.

The practice of blessing God originates in the Old Testament, and occurs frequently in the rituals of the Judaism and in the liturgies of the Catholic church.


Here, God is the subject of the verb “to bless”, and human beings are the object. In this context, phrase such as “may God bless you” or “may God bless us” are found. Bless and blessing are usually expressed in the form of a prayer that God will do good things for the person(s) for whom a blessing is sought.

This concept of blessing originates in the Old Testament, and is found throughout the history of the different Christian churches to the point where the word is used in general conversation and without any religious meaning or implication.


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